A reliable way to increase Koins and Credits is to maintain one or more ponds solely for breeding and selling purposes.


An Eshi and a Doitsu with the same color combination can be bred for 1 Koins and a small number of Credits.  The offspring will mature within a couple of hours and can be sold for 1 Koin and additional Credits. 

The same can be done with certain other low-ranking breeds; however, this tactic does not work as well with higher ranking breeds due to the amount of time they require to mature.  In some cases, this process can be sped up by spending additional Koins and Credits to make the offspring mature instantly, but the sale price does not always exceed the amount spent.

Exploitable Glitches Edit

An exploitable glitch in the koin wheel also allows players to slowly spin the wheel four times, giving the player control over which section of the wheel they land on. WHICH HAS BEEN PATCHED