8 koins, 170 credits

A frog is a type of semi-aquatic amphibian commonly found in rivers and ponds. It is an added feature in the Pocket Pond games.

Pocket PondEdit

A player can obtain frogs through the "Creature Pack", which can be purchased through the game at $0.99. The frog is green and mottled with splotches of black.

Pocket Pond 2Edit

The frog seen here is much larger and is brown in color, rather than the original green, and can be purchased through the "Pond Store" for a total of 8 koins and 170 credits. The player is given a free frog during their first installation. A frog must have a lily pad to bask on. If the frog is touched, it will hop from one lily pad to another. If there is no other pad in present, however, the frog will swim into the water and simply exit the pond. They will occassionally eat the dragonflies that enter the pond. There is a limit of five frogs per pond.