Koi are a Japanese breed of colorful domesticated carp. They are also one of the primary elements of the game, as they are automatically given to each player. The fish come in a wide variety of colors.

Pocket PondEdit

An assortment of blue, orange, and yellow koi are automatically given to a player upon installation of the game. The fish may follow your finger, as well as flee from sudden pokes on the water's surface.

Pocket Pond 2Edit

In order to start off the player's pond, two koi are chosen from random upon installation of the game. The fish must be fed food pellets in order to survive and die if neglected, but may be revived at a certain price. All koi can be bred with other breeds of koi and often result in a variation of a combination of the parent fish. Koi can also be caught from the Mystery Pond or bought at a price from the "Koi Store". They can also be sold for profit. One must hold down their finger on the water's surface in order to play with the fish and therefore make them "happy", subsequently increasing the pond's score.